Terms and Conditions

1. Term
The Muchachomalo “Share Your #ProudToBeDutch Moment” competition starts
19-10-2018 and expires 11-11-2018
The deadline for all entries will be no later than 11-11-2018 at 23:59 O’clock No purchase will be necessary to enter the competition.

2. Participants
In order to participate you must be 18 years or older.
Muchachomalo sponsors and Muchachomalo employees and their families are excluded from this competition.

3. Entry Requirements
Photos of contestants that do not meet the requirements below, can be disqualified:
* The entire photo must be an original, taken/made by the participant him/herself. By entering the competition, the participant declares, acknowledges and guarantees that entered photo is an original, completely and solely created by the participant, and that the photo does not violate any rights, trademarks, moral rights, privacy or intellectual rights of any person or entity, and that no party has any right nor is entitled to or is able to make a claim or have any interest in this entry whatsoever.
* The participating photo is not to show any offensive, provocative, slanderous or any other scrupulous, sexual or inappropriate contents.
* A maximum of one, 1, entry per person is allowed
* Articipants should ensure that his/her Instagram account is set to public.
* Entries will not be eligible unless the entrant follows @muchachomalo_official on Instagram and that their entry is visible on the entrants Instagram feed and includes the hashtag #ProudToBeDutch

4. Consent for publication
By entering the competition, each contestant automatically releases the rights to Muchachomalo to reproduce, distribute, display and to use the photo for promotional purposes of the competition, in any medium. By showing a participating photo on the Muchachomalo website does not mean that this photo is selected as the winner.

5. Consent for publication by third parties
If, for any reason, the content, or any material or element used in the photo does not belong to participant, or if third parties can rightfully make any claim, and/or if there are persons in the photo, the participant is responsible to ask for their permission prior to entering the competition.

6. Limitation of liability
By entering the competition, each contestant declares that he/she forfeits any liability, claims, losses and damage to Muchachomalo and her partners, related enterprises, subsidiaries, advertising agencies, agents and their employees, officials, directors and representatives, that might come of entering this competition or related activities, as well as from the acceptance, the use of or abuse of ownership of the prize.

7. Conditions
Entries are void when Muchachomalo determines that the photo is not an original, the photo is illegible, the photos are incomplete, damaged, highly altered, copied, wrongly produced or obtained by means of fraud or theft.
Participants also agree to:
a) Abide by these official rules
b) Decisions made by court are final and binding
c) Allow Muchachomalo to use the winners name, photo, image and/or voice, in any (commercial) expression related to the photo-competition or any future activities.

Should the winner not accept the prize, Muchachomalo is allowed to give the prize to any other participant of its choice.
Muchachomalo preserves the right to check the validity and originality of any entry or participant and decide to disqualify the entry or participant, if the photo does not meet the official requirements described above.
Should Muchachomalo not be able to enforce its rights, does not automatically mean that she forfeits her rights.

9. The right to postponement or cancellation
If, for any reason, the photo-competition does not go as planned, due to computer viruses, bugs, worms, Trojan horses, fraud, technical problems or any other reason beyond the control of Muchachomalo, that might influence the administration, safety, honesty, integrity or the course of the competition, Muchachomalo preserves the right to disqualify and/or cancel, adjust or postpone the competition. Should Muchachomalo decide to cancel the competition, Muchachomalo maintains the rights of the entered photos.

10. Prizes
* For one year long, get every one new boxershort from our collection for free.
* The prize is non-negotiable and cannot extend the prize due to the winner’s personal circumstances. * By entering the competition, you are agreeing to these terms and conditions. * Entries received after the closing date will be invalid.
* If the Promoter cannot contact the winner within 48 hours (via the details provided at the date of entry) within a reasonable period of time, Muchachomalo reserves the right to re-draw a prize winner.
* If the winner is not available to receive their prize, Muchachomalo reserves the right to redraw the competition and select a new prize winner.

11. Personal data
Contestants declare that personal data, particularly name and e-mailaddress that are necessary within the context of the photo-competition and other purposes described in these official requirements, may be used.