Have you already discovered that behind every MUCHACHOMALO* boxershort there is a unique story? These stories are made by our designers using paint, pencil, but also digital. For example, we now have prints of the first man on the moon and also one with our favorite game 'Atari' on it. You used to play this on TV when there were no computers yet.

Are you between 4 and 12 years old and would you like to design your own boxershort that will be available in all our stores? Tell us your story by making a drawing on at least A4 size and WIN! We choose the nicest story with the nicest drawing and make a real MUCHACHOMALO* boxershort out of it. Who knows, maybe your whole class, your sports team and all your friends will soon be walking in your own designed boxer shorts. HOW COOL IS THAT?!

Of course there is a big reward in return! As a participant you will become a real young MUCHACHOMALO* ambassador and you will receive a one-time discount code of 25% when submitting your design.

BUT ... there are also GREAT PRICES to win:

Kids Ontwerpwedsrijd Prijzen Eng

1st PRICE: Your own designed boxershort and one year of free printed boxer shorts from the new collections (also for your brother or sister!) and a goodie bag
2nd PRICE: 200 euros of shopping credit and a goodie bag
3rd PRICE: 100 euros of shopping credit and a goodie bag

There will also be 100 surprise packages raffled off among all the other participants!

Draw your story on an A4 with up to 4 colours. The story you're going to draw can be about anything; for example a self made up story, a real event, nature, your greatest hobby, sport, your hero, a fairy tale or perhaps your favourite animal.

When you are ready, take a clear picture of your design or scan it and upload the drawing with a description of your chosen story:

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