TOMORROW - A glimpse into the future

We might not know what’s best, but we should be awake, aware, and informed. It’s almost 2020; the future is imminent. Our 2019 collection is a glimpse of that future to the extreme. Do we follow the leaders, or do we take matters into our own hands? How far are we willing to go? The choice is ultimately with us.

Fashion Collection 2019

Inspired by Tomorrow, our designers got to work with various themes of the future: Prosthetics, Clone, DNA, Genderless, Kitt and with our Roots in mind. This has led us to the new Fashion Collection inspired by what is yet to come and made with the best qualities.
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Basic collection

The basic collection consists of a surprising product line with white, gray and black tones. Among a solid sparkling colours line. The basic collection is always in stock, and therefore, comes back every season. Check out the new Basic Collection.

Bamboo collection

Bamboo, a material with fantastic properties. Absorbent and as soft as silk. It dries up to three times faster than normal cotton, which makes it a top thermal insulator.

On top of the fantastic product properties, Bamboo is also the least harmful to planet earth for clothing manufacturing. Bamboo can grow up to 30 meters in six months.
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Pima Cotton

The Pima cotton collection is our top quality when it comes to luxury cotton for boxer shorts. Pima cotton has a much higher quality than ordinary cotton. It is considered one of the most superior blends. It is softer, denser, more absurd and more durable than any other cotton product. The color looks brighter and sharper. The clean and sophisticated designs are a must for every man's wardrobe.
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Microfiber is a durable, very fine synthetic fibre, mixed from a combination of natural and synthetic yarns. It therefore feels like a second skin. It is very light weighted, non-irritating and highly stretchable; all features to ensure a comfy and easy wear. Moreover, microfiber quality is a material comparable to those of natural materials, like bamboo for example.
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