These Action Terms and Conditions (hereinafter: the "Action Terms and Conditions") apply to the winning action of FashionJuice B.V. (hereinafter: the "Action"), which FashionJuice B.V. has its registered office and principal place of business in Beverwijk (hereinafter: FashionJuice B.V.), from 28 April 2020 up to and including 31 May 2020 (hereinafter: the "Action Period").

FashionJuice B.V. reserves the right at all times, unilaterally and without prior notice, to terminate, interrupt or change the Campaign and/or to change the Campaign Terms and Conditions and/or the promotional products/prices if circumstances so require, without being liable to pay any compensation to the participants.

If you have any questions and/or complaints regarding this Promotion, you can contact FashionJuice's customer service department by sending an e-mail to [email protected] or calling 0251 - 220051 during office hours.


Participation in this promotion is open to anyone with a minimum age of 4 years and a maximum age of 12 years during the promotion. In addition, the participant has obtained permission from (a) parent(s), guardian(s), guardian(s) or other legal representative to participate. The participant must in any case have a valid e-mail address. Each participant can only participate once.

The organizing company reserves the right to ask each participant for proof that these conditions are met. Anyone who does not meet these conditions or refuses to provide proof of them will be excluded from participation and, if he/she wins, will not be entitled to the prize.

If it appears that a participant wins a prize in violation of these regulations or by fraudulent or unfair means, the prize in question will not be awarded to him/her and will remain the property of the organising company or any partner companies, without prejudice to any possible prosecution brought against the participant by the organising company or third parties.

Fraud shall be considered in particular the fact that a participant signs up and subsequently takes part in the competition with one or more fictitious names or names of one or more third parties. Each participant must register and participate under his/her own unique name. The use of processes that make it possible to participate in the contest by mechanical means is also prohibited. Violation of these rules will result in definitive exclusion of the participant.

Participation in the contest implies unconditional and unrestricted acceptance of these complete rules; this can be consulted free of charge at any time during the duration of the contest on the website and can be printed.

Winners will cooperate with FashionJuice's reasonable requests to participate in promotional activities relating to the Promotion, including publicity activities relating to the award ceremony, via all media such as radio, television and the Internet.


In order to win one of the prizes mentioned in article 4 of these rules, participants must design an original Muchachomalo print (hereinafter: the "design"). This design will then be reproduced by the organizing company and sold through various points of sale of Muchachomalo.

To participate, participants are invited to go to the website and follow the next steps:

1. Go to

2. Tell your story by creating an original design for a Muchachomalo print on at least A4 size.

3. Fill in the required details on the webpage, accept the terms and conditions and upload a photo of the design.

The winner will be contacted personally. By participating in this promotion, the winner immediately gives FashionJuice B.V. permission to use the design.


1. The first prize is the actual production of your design and one year of free boxer shorts. With a year a shipment of up to 12 times a 2-pack is meant.

2. The second prize is a shop credit of 200 euros.

3. The third prize is a shop credit of 100 euros

FashionJuice B.V. will determine whether the boxer shorts will be sold through both online and offline channels.

The laureate will be notified by email - at the latest on June 23rd. If the winner does not respond for two (2) months, it is assumed that the winner will renounce the prize.

The prize is personal and in the name of the winner. The prize is not transferable, redeemable or cashable or for any other product or service. In the event of refusal or non-acceptance of the prize or the conditions attached to the contest/award, the prize will not be awarded.


Participants must provide correct and complete information (name and e-mail address) as a condition of their participation. Incorrect or incomplete entries will not be considered.

FashionJuice B.V. will treat all personal data obtained in the context of this Promotion confidentially and in accordance with the requirements of the Personal Data Protection Act.

By submitting the data, the parent(s), guardian(s), guardian(s) or other legal representative of the participant consents to the processing of the personal details provided by the participant and the use of these details during and only for the performance of this Campaign and for promotional purposes. These data will be treated confidentially and in accordance with the Data Protection Act. FashionJuice B.V. will only use the information obtained for purposes related to the Promotion and will only provide it to third parties in connection with the implementation of the Promotion.


FashionJuice B.V., the auxiliary persons it engages and/or third parties are not liable for any damage arising from or in any other way connected with the Campaign and/or the prices made available by FashionJuice B.V..

Despite the utmost care that FashionJuice B.V. devotes to the management of its website(s) and the organisation of the Campaign, it is possible that the information provided and/or displayed is incomplete or incorrect. Printing or spelling errors or other similar errors in material published by FashionJuice B.V., of any nature whatsoever, cannot be held against FashionJuice B.V. and can in no way create an obligation for FashionJuice B.V..


The participant will not reproduce or publish these Terms and Conditions or parts thereof without the express prior consent of FashionJuice B.V..


These terms and conditions are governed by Dutch law.

FashionJuice B.V. will act in accordance with the "Code of Conduct for Promotional Games of Chance", which came into force on 1 January 2006.

Thus drawn up in Beverwijk, March 2020.